Introduction: The Bluesky Social application for Web, iOS, and Android
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Welcome friends! This is the codebase for the Bluesky Social app.

Get the app itself:

Development Resources

This is a React Native application, written in the TypeScript programming language. It builds on the atproto TypeScript packages (like @atproto/api), code for which is also on open source, but in a different git repository.

There is a small amount of Go language source code (in ./bskyweb/), for a web service that returns the React Native Web application.

The Build Instructions are a good place to get started with the app itself.

The Authenticated Transfer Protocol ("AT Protocol" or "atproto") is a decentralized social media protocol. You don't need to understand AT Protocol to work with this application, but it can help. Learn more at:

The Bluesky Social application encompasses a set of schemas and APIs built in the overall AT Protocol framework. The namespace for these "Lexicons" is app.bsky.*.


While we do accept contributions, we prioritize high quality issues and pull requests. Adhering to the below guidelines will ensure a more timely review.


  • We may not respond to your issue or PR.
  • We may close an issue or PR without much feedback.
  • We may lock discussions or contributions if our attention is getting DDOSed.
  • We're not going to provide support for build issues.


  • Check for existing issues before filing a new one please.
  • Open an issue and give some time for discussion before submitting a PR.
  • Stay away from PRs like...
    • Changing "Post" to "Skeet."
    • Refactoring the codebase, eg to replace mobx with redux or something.
    • Adding entirely new features without prior discussion.

Remember, we serve a wide community of users. Our day to day involves us constantly asking "which top priority is our top priority." If you submit well-written PRs that solve problems concisely, that's an awesome contribution. Otherwise, as much as we'd love to accept your ideas and contributions, we really don't have the bandwidth. That's what forking is for!

Forking guidelines

You have our blessing 🪄✨ to fork this application! However, it's very important to be clear to users when you're giving them a fork.

Please be sure to:

  • Change all branding in the repository and UI to clearly differentiate from Bluesky.
  • Change any support links (feedback, email, terms of service, etc) to your own systems.
  • Replace any analytics or error-collection systems with your own so we don't get super confused.

Security disclosures

If you discover any security issues, please send an email to The email is automatically CCed to the entire team and we'll respond promptly.

Are you a developer interested in building on atproto?

Bluesky is an open social network built on the AT Protocol, a flexible technology that will never lock developers out of the ecosystems that they help build. With atproto, third-party can be as seamless as first-party through custom feeds, federated services, clients, and more.

License (MIT)

See ./LICENSE for the full license.


We ❤️ you and all of the ways you support us. Thank you for making Bluesky a great place!

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