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The core repository for the tutorial


Every step of the tutorial is included into the repository as branch. You may checkout a specific branch or diff branches between each other to see the actual changes.

  • step-001 - generated Android Project
  • step-002 - update Gradle to the recent version
  • step-003 - create SharedCode multiplatfrorm project in Gradle
  • step-004 - add source code to the SharedCode project
  • step-005 - use SharedCode from Android app
  • step-006 - create Xcode iOS project
  • step-007 - add Kotlin/Native built framework to the iOS project in Xcode
  • step-008 - call Kotlin code from Swift


You need Xcode 10.3+ and Android Studio 3.4+ with Kotlin 1.3.41+ on macOS 10.14 to that tutorial project.

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