Introduction: Run an Android desktop environment off of a device using ONLY scrcpy
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  1. Have a proper USB cable that works (or a good Wi-Fi for use with ADB wireless)
  2. Have a PC that is ABLE to process real-time video
  3. Make sure that the connection is good (USB or Wi-Fi)
  4. Android 10 (MINIMUM) running on the device
  5. Developer mode enabled
  6. Your PC MUST have ADB access to your phone
  7. ADB and SCRCPY installed on your PC
  8. Proper binutils (for now) on the Android device

How to do it

On Android device

Install Null keyboard and enable as an input layout it within your language settings.

Install Taskbar.

If you don't you'll automatically get redirected to the Play Store page of those two apps.

On Linux

Just run, it should do all the magic itself.

NOTE: It may or may not prompt you to restart your device, which you have to do for a one-time setup. After that, you no longer need to do (unless you change that particular option under developer settings)

Changing options

When running the script you can change the resolution and DPI via command-line arguments, for example: ./ 1920x1080 120

On Windows

  1. Download this repo and extract the contents.
  2. Inside this repo, create a folder named bin.
  3. Download scrcpy and extract it's contents so that the .exe files are located within the bin folder and not as an sub-folder.
  4. Open the extracted repo folder within explorer.
  5. Type powershell within the address bar and press enter
  6. Type .\startscreen.ps1 -Resolution widthxheight -DPI your_desired_dpi and press enter.
  7. If Windows bothers you with a prompt talking about trust, press R to run the script.
  8. Enjoy.


If after running the script all you get is a black screen, that means that the Android OS that you're running is missing a "desktop launcher". This can be fixed by installing it, for example Taskbar.


  • No audio at all
  • A very botched implementation ATM
  • The Windows version has no way to automatically obtain the resolution

Credits: - The magic that made this possible - Where this idea came from and what the code was inspired by

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