Introduction: Batch uninstall Android apps by provinding (part of) a package name
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Batch uninstall Android apps using this very convenient script. Just supply a package name (or part of it) and the script will take care of the uninstallation.

Very useful when:

  • You pick a shared device and want to clean it from all your domains apps (e.g. jmols)
  • You want to uninstall both the app and test apk at the same time
  • You want to uninstall an apk for all users

Script in action


Simply invoke the script and supply (part of) a package name as an argument

./rmapps 'jmols'

The script will list all matching packages and prompt to confirm the action (y/n)

Sample output of the script:

Jeroens-MacBook-Pro:android_uninstall jmols$ ./ jmols

Found 6 matching apps:

Are you sure you want to uninstall these? (y/n)

Did not uninstall anything


Make sure the script is executable:

sudo chmod a+x ./

This script requires adb to work and hence the Android SDK should be set up correctly in your PATH. To verify if that is the case, type adb version in your terminal. If this doesn't do anything, add the following lines to your .bashrc, .bash_profile or .zshrc:

export PATH=$PATH:<path to Android SDK>/platform-tools
export PATH=$PATH:<path to Android SDK>/tools

Optionally create an alias for the script in your your .bashrc, .bash_profile or .zshrc:

alias rmapps='<path from ~>/'

Next steps

  • Mechanism to uninstall more than 10 apps at once (limitation is now there as a safety)
  • Ruby bindings and gem for easier installation
  • Distribute via Homebrew
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