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Introduction: Scripts for building JSC for Android
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This repository contains scripts for building the JSC library for Android. The build scripts bundle JSC as a shared library into an Android AAR file, which makes it easy to use it in Android projects built with Buck or Gradle.


  • OS X or Linux - the build process have not been tested on other platforms.
  • Android dev environment setup (SDK + NDK)
  • Buck - configured to work with Android (see Quick Start for instructions)
  • Maven (3.2+)
  • Used command line utilities: ruby (2.0+), zip, curl

Build instructions

1. Use the following script to pull in sources for JSC and ICU


2. Build the AAR with Buck (this may take a while)

buck build :android-jsc

As build step may take a while, consider using --num-threads or --load-limit options of buck command. This may slow the build process down, but should let you use your computer with less hiccups while the build is running.

3. Install the AAR in you local maven repository:


Use the android-jsc AAR

After installation, the android-jsc AAR file should be accessible through maven:

1. Using BUCK

  name = 'android-jsc',
  aar = ':android-jsc-aar',

  name = 'android-jsc-aar',
  url = 'mvn:org.webkit:android-jsc:aar:r174650',
  sha1 = '880cedd93f43e0fc841f01f2fa185a63d9230f85',

2. Using gradle

compile 'org.webkit:android-jsc:r174650'

The resulting AAR can be also located in your local maven repository (usually under ~/.m2/repository/org/webkit/android-jsc/)

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