Introduction: AndroBugs Framework is an efficient Android vulnerability scanner that helps developers or hackers find potential security vulnerabilities in Android applications. No need to install on Windows.
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AndroBugs Framework is an Android vulnerability analysis system that helps developers or hackers find potential security vulnerabilities in Android applications. No splendid GUI interface, but the most efficient (less than 2 minutes per scan in average) and more accurate.

Version: 1.0.0


  • Find security vulnerabilities in an Android app
  • Check if the code is missing best practices
  • Check dangerous shell commands (e.g. “su”)
  • Collect Information from millions of apps
  • Check the app’s security protection (marked as <Hacker>, designed for app repackaging hacking)


  • Yu-Cheng Lin (androbugs.framework at, @AndroBugs)

Steup Steps and Usage for Windows

Easy to use for Android developers or hackers on Microsoft Windows: (a) No need to install Python 2.7 (b) No need to install any 3rd-party library (c) No need to install AndroBugs Framework

  1. mkdir C:\AndroBugs_Framework
  2. cd C:\AndroBugs_Framework
  3. Unzip the latest Windows version of AndroBugs Framework from Windows releases
  4. Go to Computer->System Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables. Add "C:\AndroBugs_Framework" to the "Path" variable
  5. androbugs.exe -h
  6. androbugs.exe -f [APK file]

Massive Analysis Tool Steup Steps and Usage for Windows

  1. Complete the Steup Steps and Usage for Windows first
  2. Install the Windows version of MongoDB (
  3. Install PyMongo library
  4. Config your own MongoDB settings: C:\AndroBugs_Framework\androbugs-db.cfg
  5. Choose your preferred MongoDB management tool (
  6. AndroBugs_MassiveAnalysis.exe -h
    • Example: AndroBugs_MassiveAnalysis.exe -b 20151112 -t BlackHat -d .\All_Your_Apps\ -o .\Massive_Analysis_Reports
  7. AndroBugs_ReportByVectorKey.exe -h
    • Example: AndroBugs_ReportByVectorKey.exe -v WEBVIEW_RCE -l Critical -b 20151112 -t BlackHat

Usage for Unix/Linux

To run the AndroBugs Framework:

python -f [APK file]

To check the usage:

python -h

Usage of Massive Analysis Tools for Unix/Linux

Prerequisite: Setup MongoDB and config your own MongoDB settings in "androbugs-db.cfg"

To run the massive analysis for AndroBugs Framework:

python -b [Your_Analysis_Number] -t [Your_Analysis_Tag] -d [APKs input directory] -o [Report output directory]


python -b 20151112 -t BlackHat -d ~/All_Your_Apps/ -o ~/Massive_Analysis_Reports

To get the summary report and all the vectors of massive analysis:

python -m massive -b [Your_Analysis_Number] -t [Your_Analysis_Tag]


python -m massive -b 20151112 -t BlackHat

To list the potentially vulnerable apps by Vector ID and Severity Level (Log Level):

python -v [Vector ID] -l [Log Level] -b [Your_Analysis_Number] -t [Your_Analysis_Tag]
python -v [Vector ID] -l [Log Level] -b [Your_Analysis_Number] -t [Your_Analysis_Tag] -a


python -v WEBVIEW_RCE -l Critical -b 20151112 -t BlackHat
python -v WEBVIEW_RCE -l Critical -b 20151112 -t BlackHat -a


  • Python 2.7.x (DO NOT USE Python 3.X)
  • PyMongo library (If you want to use the massive analysis tool)


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