Introduction: [Work-In-Progress] Diagram showing the various stages, inputs and outputs of an Android app build.
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This repository contains a graph representation of a typical Android build using the Android Plugin for Gradle.

It is currently INCOMPLETE and is missing such things as: kotlin, kapt, annotation processing, vector drawable rendering, jacoco, desugar, instant run, d8, the new apksigner that does zipalign, the different transform pipelines, the incremental dexing steps, legacy multi-dex, and more...

Requirements: m4 for text processing and graphviz for graph rendering. You can install both on Debian/Ubuntu with:

sudo apt-get install m4 graphviz

To render the diagram from the template:

m4 | dot -Tpng -o build-diagram.png

You can also substitute other formats such as "svg", "pdf", "jpg" for "png".

Diagram preview

android build diagram


This is not an official Google product.

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