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Introduction: Sharing is a command-line tool to share directory and files with ios and android devices without an extra client app
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Share directories and files from the CLI to iOS and Android devices without the need of an extra client app

Sharing screenshot

  • share directory and file
  • share your clipboard
  • receive file
  • support basic authentication
  • support ssl


sharing is depend on node v16.x or later

  1. Install
    • npm install -g easy-sharing
  2. Share a file or directory
    • sharing /directory-or-file-to-share
  3. Scan the QR-Code with your phone
    • both devices must connect to the same Wi-Fi or, if you have a public IP address, use the --ip parameter.
      • sharing --ip your-public-ip-address /directory-or-file-to-share
  4. Tada! Just browse the directory and download any file you want

note: macos users should use easy-sharing binary instead of sharing

example: easy-sharing /file-or-directory

$ sharing --help

• Share file or directory
$ sharing /path/to/file-or-directory

• Share clipboard
$ sharing -c

• Receive file
$ sharing /destination/directory --receive;

• Share file with Basic Authentication
$ sharing /path/to/file-or-directory -U user -P password  # also works with

      --version                     Show version number                [boolean]
      --debug                       enable debuging logs
  -p, --port                        Change default port
      --ip                          Your machine public ip address
  -c, --clipboard                   Share Clipboard
  -t, --tmpdir                      Clipboard Temporary files directory
  -w, --on-windows-native-terminal  Enable QR-Code support for windows native
  -r, --receive                     Receive files
  -q, --receive-port                change receive default port
  -U, --username                    set basic authentication username
                                                               [default: "user"]
  -P, --password                    set basic authentication password
      --help                        Show help                          [boolean]


  • zip the file before transferring it (sharing --zip /path/to/file)
  • self-signed certificate creation
  • new banner screenshot (also show the --receive functionality)
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