Introduction: Template Flutter Project for iOS, Android, Fuschica, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Web, Command Line
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The goal of this repo is to have everything you need to start with flutter desktop + mobile simply by forking the project. This will no longer be necessary once flutter create supports desktop and web.

Fork this project or click 'Use Template' to get started! :)

You need to be on the flutter master or dev channel for this project to work!

  • Update Flutter flutter channel master; flutter upgrade

Getting Started - Mobile

  1. cd mobile

  2. Run flutter build ios || flutter build apk

Getting Started - Desktop

The desktop support is provided by flutter-desktop-embedding. For any issues and setup instructions please refer to the docs here.

  1. cd desktop

  2. Update your $PATH export ENABLE_FLUTTER_DESKTOP=true

  3. Run flutter precache

  4. Run flutter run -d macos || flutter run -d windows || flutter run -d linux

Getting Started - Web

Flutter for Web is provided by flutter_web. For Issues and Setup Info refer to the docs here.

  1. cd web

  2. Update your $PATH export FLUTTER_WEB=true

  3. Run flutter packages global run webdev serve

Getting Started - Shared and Core


This is the core part of your app that can be shared between web, mobile and command-line versions of your app. This part cannot depend on the Flutter SDK.

Use this for constants, classes, abstract classes and utilites.

  1. Run cd core

  2. Run flutter packages pub run build_runner watch —delete-conflicting-outputs


This is the part of the app that can share everything used in the Flutter SDK. Like Models, Themes and Locale. Shared includes core.

  1. Run cd shared
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