Introduction: Cuttlefish host support debian package.
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This repository holds supporting tools that prepare a host to boot Cuttlefish, a configurable Android Virtual Device (AVD) that targets both locally hosted Linux x86/arm64 and remotely hosted Google Compute Engine (GCE) instances rather than physical hardware.

Debian packages

The following debian packages are provided:

  • cuttlefish-base - Creates static resources needed by the Cuttlefish devices
  • cuttlefish-user - Provides a local web server that enables interactions with the devices through the browser
  • cuttlefish-integration - Installs additional utilities to run Cuttlefish in Google Compute Engine
  • cuttlefish-orchestration - Replaces cuttlefish-user in the Orchestration project
  • cuttlefish-common - [DEPRECATED] Provided for compatibility only, it's a metapackage that depends on cuttlefish-base and cuttlefish-user

The packages can be built with the following command:

for dir in base frontend; do
    pushd $dir
    dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us

Cuttlefish requires only cuttlefish-base to be installed, but cuttlefish-user is recommended to enjoy a better user experience. These can be installed after building with the following command:

sudo apt install ./cuttlefish-base_*.deb ./cuttlefish-user_*.deb

Google Compute Engine

The following script can be used to build a host image for Google Compute Engine:


Check out the AOSP tree to obtain the script.


The Debian packages can also be built in a the docker container. Dockerfile and build scripts are included in this repository, just run:

    docker/ --build_debs_only --rebuild_debs_verbose

The command will build the container, if needed, that builds the Debian packages, and builds the Debian packages within the container. The resultant packages will be located under the docker/out directory.

This repository also contains a Dockerfile that can be used to construct an image for a privileged Docker container, which in turn can boot the cuttlefish device. Such an image allows one to develop for Cuttlefish without having to install a number of packages directly on the host machine. For more details, read the docker instructions.

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