Project Url: nfcim/nfsee
Introduction: Read your Transit/Bank/ID cards on Android/iOS phone with NFSee App
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NFSee is a flutter application that can dump data from various types of NFC tags & cards.

Currently NFSee can run on Android and iOS powered by Flutter.

You can get NFSee on Google Play.


Flutter SDK is required to build this project:

flutter pub get
flutter run # for debug version
flutter build # for release version

Support Matrix

Type Android iOS Description
P. R. C. Resident ID ✅️ GUID only
Beijing Yikatong ✅️ Full[^1]
Tsinghua University Campus Card ✅️ ✅️ Full
Bank Card (PPSE) ✅️ Full
T-Union Card ✅️ ✅️ Full
CityUnion Card ✅️ ✅️ Full
Shenzhen Tong ✅️ ✅️ Full
Lingnan Pass ✅️ ✅️ Full
Octopus ✅️ ✅️ Limited metadata
MIFARE Ultralight[^2] ✅️ ✅️ NDEF records & Memory Dump
MIFARE DESFire[^3] ✅️ ✅️ NDEF records
MIFARE Classic[^4] ✅️ NDEF records

[^1]: "Full" in description field refers to metadata (such as card ID, balance, etc.) and recent transactions.

[^2]: Tested with NXP NTAG 213

[^3]: Tested with NXP DESFire EV2 MF3 D22

[^4]: Tested with NXP MIFARE Classic EV1 4K S70

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