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Introduction: Process memory dump for Android and Linux
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pmdump is a simple tool that provides process memory acquisition on Linux or Android. Pmdump dumps process memory with its header information from /proc//maps file. Data is dumped either to the file or throughout the network.


To use pre-built binary

There are prebuilt pmdump binaries in /pmdump_prebuilt_bin folder. They can be used to dump a process memory. To build, please refer to below the build instruction. is also provided, which is a useful script that parses the memory dump file.


pmdump is used to dump process memory. Running of pmdump may require root permission.

./pmdump [OPTION]... MODE[,MODE]... <pid>
./pmdump [OPTION]... MODE[,MODE]... <pid> <ip-address> <port>

Dumping process memory to 'output_pmdump.bin' file or network.
The dumped result contains /proc/<pid>/maps entries info and its memory contents.

 --raw    Dumping only data without /proc/<pid>/maps info header
 --anon    Dumping only anonymous memory

Each MODE is of the form '[-+][rwxps]'. If no mode is given, don't care the permission

 ./pmdump +r +w -x +p --anon 1928    # dump only 'rw-p' permission with no file-mapped memory.
 ./pmdump +w --raw 1928 1212    # dump only writable memory without header info.

pmdump_parser is the script that parses the dump images created by pmdump.

Usage: [--raw|-<number>] <pmdumped_file>

print maps information from the dump file if no option is given.

    --raw       export only data part without header information
    -number     export given entry number's memory region

    ./ output.bin           // show memory info like 'cat /proc/<pid>/maps
    ./ --raw output.bin     // output_raw.bin is generated
    ./ -10 output.bin       // output_10.bin is generated

How to Build


Android NDK is required to build it. If Android SDK is installed, NDK-bundle that comes with Android SDK can be also used.

First, modify pmdump_src/ file to set the correct NDK path to $NDK variable. After modifying, run the following command.

cd pmdump_src
make -f (arm|x86|x86_64)

Tip: Use standalone_toolchain

You can build it after making standalone_toolchain

Following is the example of building after making the toolchain for arm architecture with API version 21.

cd <NDK>/build/tools
python --arch arm --api 21 --install-dir /tmp/my-android-toolchain
# Build
/tmp/my-android-toolchain/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gcc –sysroot /tmp/my-android-toolchain/sysroot -fPIE -pie -o pmdump pmdump.c


The build is simple. Just run gcc command or use the following Makefile

cd pmdump_src
make -f

Example usages in Android

The following example is to show how to install pmdump on Android device and dump process memory.

  1. adb root privilege requires running pmdump in Android
adb root
  1. copy pmdump to the proper folder. /data folder is a good choice
adb push pmdump /data/pmdump
  1. find the process id of the target process by using DDMS or ps command
adb shell ps
  1. dump memory and copy it to the host
adb shell
$ cd data
$ ./pmdump +r +w -x +p <pid> 
$ exit
adb pull /data/output_pmdump.bin .

Or, dump memory and get it throughout the network

# in remote PC
nc -lvvv 1212 > dumpfile.bin

# in PC connected with Android
adb shell
$ cd data
$ ./pmdump +r +w -x +p <pid> 1212
$ exit
  1. Play with the dump file provides the function of parsing the dump to show information about the dump file

python output_pmdump.bin
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