Introduction: Android server for Airplay2
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Airplay screen mirror server based on Android and provide WIN32 build. 99% written in C, easy to transplant, welcome to PR and ISSUE.

Supported delivery devices

Support iPhone and Mac device screen delivery and music playback

Support iOS system: iOS9~iOS13

Support for MacOS system: 10.14 (low version not tested)

Protocols and algorithms involved

If you understand the relevant protocols and algorithms, you will have a better understanding of the code.

  1. Protocol: RTSP, RTCP, RTP, DNS, DNS-SD, mDNS, NTP

  2. Encryption and decryption algorithm: AES (cbc & ctr)

  3. Signature algorithm: curve25519, ed25519

  4. Audio and video basics: H264 encoding, AAC encoding

Third-party open source module

  • MDNS:third_party/mDNSResponder

    Apple open source mDNS function for device discovery, added CMake support

  • fdk-aac:third_party/fdk-aac

    For AAC audio decoding, added CMake support


The following picture is a presentation of screen data and music, where the system of iPhone is iOS12

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