Introduction: Windows, macOS and Android storage (HDD, SSD, RAM) speed testing/performance benchmarking app
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Measuring storage performance (SSD, HDD, USB Flash etc.) and RAM speed across Windows, macOS and Android devices. Random and sequential throughput (read/write operations) is calculted in MB/s and can be compared in consistent and reliable manner between mobile and desktop platfotms and devices.


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How it works

The tests measure time it takes to read/write each block (RAM -> Disk, Disk -> RAM, RAM ->), let you choose read/write modes (e.g. turning on/off write buffering and file cache in memory), conduct sereies operations in sequential and random manner and show the average throughput (total traffic over total time) in MB/s for each test. The tests let you bencmark how same storage operations (FileStream.Write and FileStrem.Read) are handled by different OS across different devices and compare the results. CPDT is single-threaded, no IO queues or parallel execution of reads/writes.



Xamarin.Forms, .NET Framework and Xamarin.WPF on Windows, Mono and Xamarin.Mac on macOS, Mono and Xamarin.Android on Android. Quite a few custom controls (Stack and Grid repeaters, clickable label) and renderers (changing mouse cursor when hovering over button and label on desktop)

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