Introduction: This repo is a sample of an Android JNI library compilated using NativeAOT
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This repo is a sample for Android JNI libraries compilation with NativeAOT. For now we support two ways to compile this library:

  1. Using BFlat tool
  2. Using Runtime repo with


In order to optimize the build process we recommend the use of BFlat tool This tool works on both Windows and Linux, so WSL envirionment is not needed for android compilation.


This library dependends of so you need download the latest version of package, extract dll file to BFlatSupport folder.


Use the following command to build library.

    {PATH_TO_BFLAT}bflat build -r BFlatSupport/Rxmxnx.PInvoke.Extensions.dll --no-stacktrace-data --no-globalization --no-exception-messages -Os --no-pie --separate-symbols --os:linux --arch:arm64 --libc:bionic

Runtime repository

The following section applies only if you want compile by yourself runtime repo in Lunux/WSL envirionment.


This sample requires the NativeAOT Runtime and Libraries for Android Systems.
To get them by now you need to build them by your self using

How to build it

This process was tested for android-arm64 compilation but may works for android-x64 too.
The following commands assume:

  • The working directory is the same of this repo.
  • ANDROID_NDK_ROOT envirionment variable: Full path to NDK. Used to preconfigure CppCompilerAndLinker, ObjCopyName and SysRoot.
  • RUNTIME_REPO envirionment variable: Full path to runtime repo. Used to preconfigure IlcSdkPath, IlcFrameworkPath and IlcFrameworkNativePath.
  • Android NDK version is r21e.
  • Android API version target is 28.
  • Android API minimal version is 21.
  • Target architecture is arm64.
  • Host architecture is x64.

    dotnet publish -r android-arm64 -c Release --self-contained \

Environment Parameters

  • ObjCopyName: Path of NDK ObjCopy. This is needed in order to use StripSymbols MSBuild parameter.
  • libSystemPath: Path of libSystem native libraries. This is needed to apply a hack for excluding the missing libraries.
  • RealCppCompilerAndLinker: NDK linker tool. This is needed to apply a hack for excluding the missing libraries at linking process.

MSBuild Parameters

  • CppCompilerAndLinker: Linker. The fakeClang is just an script that removes the missing libraries from linker invocation.
  • SysRoot: Sysroot path from NDK. Needed for NDK compilation.
  • IlcSdkPath: Path to NativeAOT libs. We can't use the standard libraries from ilcompiler.
  • IlcFrameworkPath: Path to NativeAOT runtime (Managed part). We can't use the standard runtime from ilcompiler.
  • IlcFrameworkNativePath: Path to NativeAOT runtime (Native part or libSystem). We can't use the standard runtime from ilcompiler.


The native Android binary produced has a dependency with So you need include it along with the generated binary.
You can get it for arm64 from:



  • You can also build this in reflection-free mode, it will significantly reduce the size of the binary.

How to test it?

This sample is inspired by so with some changes you can load this library from that application.


  • The package of the calling class: com_example_hellojni
  • The name of the calling class: HelloJni.
  • The name of the native function in the calling class: stringFromJNI.
  • In the above example the name of the JNI library:
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