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Introduction: Android/Desktop application to crawl and watch tv shows
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Cross-platform application to crawl and watch tv shows.

How to install

Mac OS

Open the .dmg file and drag the to your /Applications folder.

If you are on Catalina - run following command before launching the app for the first time:

sudo xattr -d /Applications/


Execute the install.exe.

If you have vc_redist already installed - just close the vc_redist installation window, that will be opened at the end of the Serio installation.

How to build

You need to have Qt5 installed. CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH env variable should be set to Qt's installation location.

Here is the list of useful targets:

  • CoreTest - run tests of all the core modules
  • SerioTest - run tests of qt implementation of the app
  • Serio - run the Qt-based front-end of the application


When you run the Release version of the CMake build - a redistributable .dmg file will be generated in the CMake's build directory.


In order to make video playback work:

  • build Serio target
  • execute install-codecs.bat inside /serio-qt as administrator (you can revert this action by executing uninstall-codecs.bat as administrator in the same directory)

In order to build a release version you would need:

  • NSIS installed
  • NSIS_PATH env variable should be set pointing to the NSIS's installation folder

When you run the Release version of the CMake build - an "output" folder will get generated inside the CMake's build directory. That output directory will contain the executable and all the necessary dlls to run it.

In case NSIS_PATH env variable has been set before running the build - the output directory will also have an executable installer generated. NSIS_PATH is not mandatory to build the release version: if it is not set - the installer won't be created but the executable and dlls will be.

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