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This repository contains a collection of scripts, tools, and sourcecode to build, install and run SystemTap on Android. For further information about SystemTap I would appreciate you to read the documentation published by the official SystemTap project [1].


  • Before you can start, you have to clone the submodules. Just run two commands:

    git submodule init

    git submodule upate

Building SystemTap

To be able to compile your systemtap scripts for android, just start the buildscript:


It automatically configures, build and installs systemtap for you. You can find this installation in the installed directory. It is independet from any other installation on your system. The script builds the arm binaries as well. They are located at src/android_binaries.

Setting up a device config

Before you can compile your stap script into a kernel module. You have to create a configuration for the target platform. So far a configuration consists of a path to the kernel sourcetree.

To create such a configuration write the path in a textfile named <device>.conf and place it under the config directory. Here is an example for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

omap.conf, contents:



Compile a script for android

Ensure that you have created a configuration for your device under conf/ and the kernel tree is prepared for compiling modules. Your script should be located in the scripts directory. Make sure you have an convenient toolchain in your PATH, e.g. the Android prebuilt one [2] or the one from MentorGraphics [3]. To start compilation: ./

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