Introduction: Backport of java.nio.file API (JSR 203) for Android
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A backport of java.nio.file API (JSR 203) for Android.


dependencies {
    implementation ''


The backported API is under java8.nio.file.

No default FileSystemProvider implementation is bundled within this library, and the API is modified to allow dynamic install of providers.

Before using the API, you need to set a default provider implementation with FileSystemProvider.installDefaultProvider(). More providers can be installed with FileSystemProvider.installProvider() at any time.

Similarly, there is no default FileTypeDetector implementation, and you can install one with Files.installFileTypeDetector() at any time.

This backport uses android-retrostreams for and ThreeTenABP for java.time, and they are exposed as an API dependency of this library.


GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception

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