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Zest is a specialized scripting language (initially) developed by the Mozilla security team and is intended to be used in web orientated security tools.

It is completely free, open source and can be included in any tool whether open or closed, free or commercial.

Version 1 of Zest:

  • Is aimed at creating scripts for reproducing basic security vulnerabilities
  • Includes a java reference implementation
  • Has been included in a proof-of-concept ZAP add-on

For more details see the wiki: https://github.com/zaproxy/zest/wiki

How to Obtain

If using a dependency management tool, for example Maven or Gradle, the zest library can be obtained from Maven Central with following coordinates:

  • GroupId: org.zaproxy
  • ArtifactId: zest


The project uses Gradle to build, for example, running:

./gradlew build

in the main directory of the project will build the library, located under build/libs, and create a standalone command line application (library + dependencies), located under build/distributions/.

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