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Introduction: An Android Studio Plugin to find Maven Artifacts by class name
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Find maven artifacts by class names, extension methods or global methods.


This is not an official Google product.


Did you ever start a new project and struggle to find the maven coordinates for your favorite library? You know the class name you were using, but what is the maven coordinates or what is the latest version ? I personally did a lot so ended up creating this project.

What is it?

This project has two main pieces:

  • A java application /artifactfinder that can index maven artifacts (jar, aar). This index includes a reverse mapping from class / method names to related artifacts.

  • An Android Studio plugin which allows you to search this index and easily add dependencies to your project.

How do I add artifacts to be indexed?

Right now, only Google Maven and a few other Maven Central artifacts are indexed.

Eventually, there will be a json file that you can modify to add more artifacts and send PRs but for now, external artifacts (non Google Maven) are listed here

What is being indexed?

It currently indexes only aar and jar files in artifacts. The indexer respects annotations like RestrictTo or skips any non-public class (internal, private etc). Since ktx artifacts are a common case for AndroidX artifacts, it also indexes extension methods and global kotlin methods.

There is also a bunch of hand written filters to avoid unnecessary common classes (e.g. R, BuildConfig, Dagger*Component). It also tries to avoid any non-android artifacts (e.g. Android Gradle Plugin).

Where is the index?

Right now I host it on my personal droplet. There is a cron job that checks repositories for updates every 15 minutes and also tries to download new artifacts.

You can directly query it in the following URL:

curl -H "Accept: application/json" ""


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