Introduction: Custom Dialog
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How To Use?

If yow want specific lottie file you must put your assets to under app → src → main → assets folder

Add line below to your top level build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        /// ....
        maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }

Add lines below to your app level build.gradle

  implementation 'com.github.welcome2c:LottieProgressDialog:1.0.1'

Information For Constructor

    context: Context,   
    // setting cancelable.     
    private val isCancel: Boolean,   
    // if you want change dialog size input value not null.     
    private val dialogWidth: Int?,   
    private val dialogHeight: Int?,   
    // if you want change animation size input value not null.    
    private val animationViewWidth: Int?,   
    private val animationViewHeight: Int?,   
    // if you want change animation in samples refer to companion object.  
    // if you want specific file input file name not null.  
    private val fileName: String,   
    // if you want change title input string not null.  
    private val title: String?,   
    // if you want change title visible input visible value not null.  
    private val titleVisible: Int?  


    context = this,
    isCancel = true,
    dialogWidth = null,
    dialogHeight = null,
    animationViewWidth = null,
    animationViewHeight = null,
    fileName = LottieProgressDialog.SAMPLE_1,
    title = null,
    titleVisible = null


Sample Lottie Json Files Producer List

  • Sample1 : 太年轻

  • Sample2 : cam92

  • Sample3 : Emir Geçir

  • Sample4 : guangxia zhou

  • Sample5 : Jieun Choi

  • Sample6 : Luisa Fernanda Bolaños Beltrán

  • Sample7 : SaagarShrest

  • Sample8 : Sara Díaz

  • Sample9 : Sarowar Kabir Noyon

  • Sample10 : Siyuan Qiu


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