Introduction: RiotX - Android Matrix SDK & Riot rewrites
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RiotX is an Android Matrix Client currently in beta but in active development.

It is a total rewrite of Riot-Android with a new user experience. RiotX will become the official replacement as soon as all features are implemented.

Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid

Nightly build: Buildkite

New Android SDK

RiotX is based on a new Android SDK fully written in Kotlin (like RiotX). In order to make the early development as fast as possible, RiotX and the new SDK currently share the same git repository. We will make separate repos once the SDK is stable enough.


The current target is to release an application out of beta with the same level of features (and even more) as Riot. The roadmap has 3 phases:


Please refer to if you want to contribute on Matrix Android projects!

Come chat with the community in the dedicated Matrix room.

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