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Introduction: A badge for any drawable :red_circle:
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Badger is a generalized single purpose library for adding badges to drawables in general and menu items in particular.

sett (also set) - The earth or burrow of a badger.

Running with the Badger theme, it is all about the method sett. Home to the badger, it is comprised of many tunnels and several entrances. It is the ideal entry point to provide you with badges where mere drawables lived before.


The Badger.sett() methods add a BadgeDrawable to the original drawable. This results in a LayerDrawable with the BadgeDrawable added to the layer with id badger_drawable. If the original drawable is a LayerDrawable having a badge already set, this one gets reused instead.

Add a badge to a MenuItem

BadgeDrawable badge = Badger.sett(menuItem, badgeFactory);

Add a badge to an ImageView

BadgeDrawable badge = Badger.sett(imageView, badgeFactory);

Add a badge to a Drawable

Badger<?> badger = Badger.sett(drawable, badgeFactory);
BadgeDrawable badge = badger.badge;
drawable = badger.drawable;

The BadgeDrawable

The BadgeDrawable implements handling of alpha values and color filters for a default Drawable. Badger includes a general TextBadge with a single purpose implementation CountBadge.

The BadgeDrawable.Factory

The type of the badge itself is determined by the implementation of the BadgeDrawable.Factory supplied.

public interface Factory<T extends BadgeDrawable> {
    T createBadge();

The provided BadgeDrawable implementations define their own factories TextBadge.Factory and CountBadge.Factory.

The BadgeShape

The BadgeShape is a simplified version of an Android Shape to be used with TextBadge. With its scale, aspectRatio and gravity it defines the actual size and position of the badge itself.

BadgeShape itself provides factories for circle, square, oval, rect, round-rect and round-square.


BadgeShape.oval(1f, 2f, Gravity.BOTTOM) // scale = 1 | aspectRatio = 2
BadgeShape.square(1f, Gravity.NO_GRAVITY, .5f) // scale = 1 | radiusFactor = 0.5, Gravity.END | Gravity.TOP) // scale = 0.5


The scale determines the actual size of the badge drawable relative to the size of the original drawable.


The aspectRatio determines the actual shape of the badge itself. It is the ratio between width and height. A value bigger than 1 makes the badge wider than high, a value smaller than 1 makes it higher than wide.


The gravity determines the actual position of the badge inside the original drawable. Layout directions are supported.


The radiusFactor determines the actual radius of the circle, used to round the corners of the rectangle, relative to the radius of the inner circle of the badge.


Add the updated dependency supporting AndroidX

dependencies {
    implementation "com.github.v2rc:badger:$badgerVersion"

or the legacy version supporting the Support Library

dependencies {
    implementation 'berlin.volders:badger:0.2.1'


The TextBadge only supports the RTL layout direction for Android Marshmallow and later.


Copyright (C) 2016 Christian Schmitz
Copyright (C) 2016 volders GmbH with <3 in Berlin

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

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