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Introduction: Grok is simple tool that allows you to easily parse logs
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Grok is simple tool that allows you to easily parse logs and other files (single line). With Grok, you can turn unstructured log and event data \ into structured data (JSON).

Grok is an application that introduce how to use java-grok api in you application.

What can you do with Grok ?

  • reporting errors and other patterns from logs
  • parsing complex text output and converting it to json for external processing apply 'write-once use-everywhere' to regular expressions
  • automatically providing patterns for unknown text inputs (logs you want patterns generated for future matching)

How to use it ?

Configure grok

Grok needs a configuration file that tell

  1. What should I parse
  2. What pattern Should I use
  3. Where do you want the result

Grok use YAML as configuration file, you only have to provide a configuration like:

 type: "FILE"
 location: "Location of your log file"

 file: "Grok patterns"
 pattern: "%{GROKEXPRESSION}"

 type: "FILE"
 location: "Location of the result file"

Start grok

To start grok, simply run

grok --file /location/of/grok/configuration

You dont need to compile grok before using it, grok use gradle to compile and run the application.

Future work

From now, grok understand only local File type as input and output, the plan is to add more type.

  • Input:
    • Process
  • Output:
    • HDFS
    • Elasticsearch

Also be able to do more stuff with the filter. Be ablse to run grok as a deamon

Any contributions are warmly welcome

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