Introduction: An Android app for recording blood pressure measurements
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An Android app for recording blood pressure measurements.

How to build

Clone the project using git.

Run the following command in a terminal.

 $ git clone

Install Android Studio

Download and install Android Studio from their website.

Import the project into Android Studio.

When Android Studio starts up, it will prompt you to create a new project or import an existing project. Select the option to import an existing project, navigate to the simple-android directory you cloned earlier, and select it.

When building for the first time, gradle will download all dependencies so it'll take a few minutes to complete. Subsequent builds will be faster.

Running locally

The Simple App can be run locally on an Android emulator using Android Studio. To do this,

Install the NDK library

The NDK library is currently required by the project to enable an SQLite extension. To install it:

  • Open the SDK Manager through Tools -> SDK Manager
  • Select Appearance & Behavior -> System Settings -> Android SDK in the left sidebar
  • Select the SDK Tools tab in the main window
  • Activate NDK (Side by Side) and click Apply

NDK will now be installed.

Create a Run/Debug configuration

  • Open the Run/Debug configurations window through Run -> Edit Configurations (ref)
  • Create a new configuration using the Android App template
  • Set the module to app, and finish creating the configuration

Create a virtual device

  • Create an Android Virtual Device (AVD) using the AVD Manager, usually found in Tools -> AVD Manager. (ref)
  • Select a device and operating system
  • Note: You will have to download one of the available OS options the first time you create an AVD

Set the right build variant

  • Open the Build Variants window through View -> Tool Windows -> Build Variants, or clicking the item in the lower left corner of the main window
  • Set the Build Variant of the app module to qaDebug

Run the app

  • Click "Run", either through Run -> Run, or the green play button in the top toolbar.

Code styles

The code styles which the project uses have been exported as an IntelliJ code style XML file and are saved as quality/code-style.xml. To import them into Android Studio,

  1. Open the Android Studio preferences page, and navigate to Editor -> Code Style.
  2. Click on the gear/settings button next to the "Scheme" label.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select "Import scheme".
  4. In the file picker, navigate to <project>/quality/code-style.xml.
  5. Import the Simple scheme into the IDE and set it as the project code style.

Build and deploy Simple Server

Simple Server is in a separate repository, and you should follow the instructions there.


Check out the following documents for more information.

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