Introduction: Made for pornhub. Fork from tinyMediaManager v3
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tinyPornManager developed based on tinyMediaManager (https://www.tinymediamanager.org). Made for manage your porn videos from adult sites(eg: Pornhub).


  • Automatic updates
  • GUI and command line interfaces
  • Metadata scrapers for IMDb, TheMovieDb, TVDb, OFDb, Moviemeter, Trakt and more ( Pornhub etc)
  • Artwork downloaders for TheMovieDb, TVDb and FanArt.tv
  • Trailer downloads from TheMovieDb and HD-Trailers.net
  • Subtitles downloaded from OpenSubtitles.org
  • Manually edit any metadata fields with ease
  • Automatic file renaming according to any user-defined format
  • Powerful search features with custom filters and sorting
  • Saves everything in .nfo files automatically recognized by Kodi and most other media centers
  • Technical metadata like codecs, duration and resolution extracted from each media file
  • Group movies into sets with special artwork common to all movies in it
  • Import TV show collections no matter the file organization style used

ToDo List

  • [x] Add a simple target website scraper to scrape the basic information of the video
  • [ ] Scrape more information include better thumb-img and trailer, even actor profile
  • [ ] Refactor code to optimize performance and efficiency
  • [ ] Docking more website
  • [ ] Design a solution for the anti-crawler methods that the target website may use


  1. download latest [tinyPornManager][https://github.com/SoapCanFly/tinyPornManager/releases]

    For the reason of identifying the uniqueness of your file, the file name should conform to a certain format.

    • The PORNHUB_ID part should be easy to locate(with regular expressions)
    • "ph1234abcd.mp4"
    • "ph1234abcd-Super Hot Lily Potter.mp4"
    • "ph1234abcd Super Hot Lily Potter.mp4"
    • "[ph1234abcd]Super Hot Lily Potter.mp4"
  2. download your favritate from website(Tampermonkey script for Pornhub)
  3. open tinyPornManager > Settings > Movies > Data Sources, select your porn folder, close Settings window
  4. click "Update sources" to load your resources
  5. click "Search & scrape" or submenu to began scraping
  6. For the file you just downloaded(new file), use "Search & scrape selected movies" or "Search & scrape selected movie(s)-force best match" or "Search & scrape all unscraped movie(s)-force best match"
  7. For the file that already scraped(old file), use "Scrape metadata for selected movie(s)"
  8. Sometime website will delete video, and scraper will get a 404 repsonse



Building from source

tinyPornManager is compiled using Apache's build automation tool, Maven. Check that you have it installed (and git, of course) before attempting a build.

  1. Clone this repository to your computer

    git clone https://github.com/SoapCanFly/tinyPornManager.git
  2. Build using maven

    mvn package

After that you will find the packaged build in the folder dist

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