Introduction: Made for pornhub. Fork from tinyMediaManager v3
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Aka: tinyPornManager

This is a Pornhub.com scraper addon which can be loaded in tinyMediaManager(v4.x).

Main Features

  • Scrape basic info, such as Title, Thumbnail, Directors, Actors, Genres, Tags, Year, Rating, Duration, etc.
  • Important variables can be customized to avoid frequent source code maintenance.
  • Support i18n, you can choose the language you want to scrape from (Depends on the languages provided by Pornhub).


  • [x] Reimplement old tinyPornManager features
  • [x] Add support for i18n
  • [ ] Better error handling
  • [ ] Scrape better quality image
  • [ ] Use the CV library to crop poster & generate other images such as banner, logo, etc.
  • [ ] Scrape trailer
  • [ ] Performance optimization
  • [ ] Test cases

🚀 Quick Start

  1. Download & install tinyMediaManager
  2. Install Pornhub scraper
  3. Launch tinyMediaManager
  4. Click Settings -> Movies -> Scraper, enable Pornhub scraper
  5. Download your favorite videos and name the files using the correct format ( eg: 644d924a9ccc8 | #Double Tactical NUKE on Shoot House.. (Modern Warfare 2 Shoot House Gameplay).mp4)
  6. Add the directory where the video is saved as a movie data source
  7. Click Update source(s)
  8. Choose video(s) you want to scraping
  9. Click Search & scrape

🔧 Installation

There are two options, you can either download the jar from the latest release or build it from source.

Download Jar

  1. download scraper-addon-pornhub-xxx.jar from Release Page
  2. move scraper-addon-pornhub-xxx.jar to the subfolder addons of the tinyMediaManager installation

Build from source

  1. git clone https://github.com/scoooooott/tinyPornManager.git
  2. cd tinyPornManager/
  3. mvn clean package
  4. move target/scraper-addon-pornhub-xxx.jar to the subfolder addons of the tinyMediaManager installation

📖 Use guide

Q: How should I name the video files that need to be scraped?

For Pornhub.com, there are currently two UNIQUE IDENTIFIERS for videos

  • viewKey: Use everywhere in HTML/API, was CHOSEN TO BE the unique identifier for Pornhub Scraper
  • video-id(data-video-id): Use sometimes, currently ONLY DOING STORAGE

We need a rule to extract unique identifier from filename here is the regular expression in old version tpm:

This expression can match the following cases:

├── ph1234abcd.mp4 ├── ph1234abcd-Super Hot Lily Potter.mp4 └── ph1234abcd Super Hot Lily Potter.mp4 ```

But, let's check out this url:


It seems that the generation rules of viewKey have changed. We need to always update the regular expression to match the new viewKey.

Fortunately, you can modify the regular expression in Settings -> Movies -> Scraper -> Choose 'Pornhub' -> Scraper Options.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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