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Introduction: Ghidra's plugin recursively search dependencies of the variable and change their names and types.
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The plugin search dependencies of the variable/parameter and change their names and/or types. See animation below.

Example of using

Fig. 1. Example of using the plugin


Run the following command in a terminal of your choice.

$ gradle


Launch Ghidra and from the Project Manager go to FileInstall Extensions.... Click the + icon near the top right corner of the window. Select the archive with the extension. Restart Ghidra. After restarting the plugin will be installed and ready for use (you will be asked about enabling of the plugin).


  1. Find the target: argument of the function.
  2. Choose, what you want to change:
    • a variable's name/type ("Recast variable backward") or
    • a parameter of the function ("Recast variable forward").
  3. In the context menu click a needed item.

In Tool Options (see Fig. 2) you can change options of the plugin ("Recaster" item):

  • source type, which can be overrides;
  • name or/and datatype will be changed.

The plugin's options

Fig. 2. Options of Recaster plugin

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