Introduction: The right prescription for your Gradle build.
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The right prescription for your Gradle build.


buildscript {
  dependencies {
    classpath ""

// Must be applied in the project root.
apply plugin: ""


  • Configurable warnings for build speed problems
  • Measure time spent in Dagger annotation processors. Use Delect to save time.
  • Ensure JAVA_HOME is set and matches IDE's JAVA_HOME
  • Easily disable test caching. Tests may not declare all inputs causing false positives. Needed until Gradle implements a sandbox.
  • Disable assembling all apps in repository simultaneously.
  • Fail build when empty src directories are found. Empty src directories cause cache misses.
  • Benchmarking remote build cache connection speed.

Configurable Warnings

  • Warn when build spends more than 10% of the time garbage collecting.
  • Warn when connection to maven repositories is slowing down the build.
  • Warn when build cache connection speed is slowing down the build.

Here are the configuration options with their defaults:

doctor {
   * Throw an exception when multiple Gradle Daemons are running.
  disallowMultipleDaemons = false
   * Ensure that we are using JAVA_HOME to build with this Gradle.
  ensureJavaHomeMatches = true
   * Ensure we have JAVA_HOME set.
  ensureJavaHomeIsSet = true
   * Show a message if the download speed is less than this many megabytes / sec.
  downloadSpeedWarningThreshold = .5f
   * The level at which to warn when a build spends more than this percent garbage collecting.
  GCWarningThreshold = 0.10f
   * Print a warning to the console if we spend more than this amount of time with Dagger annoation processors.
  daggerThreshold = 5000
   * By default, Gradle caches test results. This can be dangerous if tests rely on timestamps, dates, or other files
   * which are not declared as inputs.
  enableTestCaching = true
   * By default, Gradle treats empty directories as inputs to compilation tasks. This can cause cache misses.
  failOnEmptyDirectories = true
   * Do not allow building all apps simultaneously. This is likely not what the user intended.
  allowBuildingAllAndroidAppsSimultaneously = false

Configuration extension code is here.

Remote Build Cache Benchmark

To enable, run a gradle task that you would like to profile with the flag -PbenchmarkRemoteCache.

For example: ./gradlew :app:assembleDebug -PbenchmarkRemoteCache

The result will be output like so:

=============================== Gradle Doctor Prescriptions ============================================
| = Remote Build Cache Benchmark Report =                                                              |
| Executed tasks created compressed artifacts of size 159,93 MB                                        |
| Total Task execution time was 208,85 s                                                               |
|                                                                                                      |
| In order for a remote build cache to save you time, you would need an internet connection to your    |
| node of at least 0,77 MB/s.                                                                          |
| Check a build scan to see your connection speed to the build cache node.                             |
| Build cache node throughput may be different than your internet connection speed.                    |
|                                                                                                      |
| A 1 MB/s connection would save you 48,92 s.                                                          |
| A 2 MB/s connection would save you 128,88 s.                                                         |
| A 10 MB/s connection would save you 192,86 s. i                                                      |
|                                                                                                      |
| Note: This is an estimate. Real world performance may vary. This estimate does not take in to accoun |
| t time spent decompressing cached artifacts or roundtrip communication time to the cache node.       |


./gradlew publishToMavenCentral -Dorg.gradle.internal.publish.checksums.insecure=true
./gradlew publishToGradlePlugin
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