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Introduction: ✔️ Simplify Caching in Android
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✔️ Simplify Caching in Android


  • Notify on Data Changes based on Subscription
  • Lightweight
  • AES Encryption
  • Thread Safe

How does it work?

Caching is just a simple key-value pair data saving procedure. StoreX follows the same approach. StoreX uses SharedPreference/Cache Directory (as File) as storage for caching data. Since we really can't just save the original data because of security issues. StoreX uses AES encryption & decryption behind the scene when you are caching data or fetching data from the cache. Also, you can observer cached data in real-time.



Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Step 2. Add the dependency

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.rommansabbir:StoreX:Tag'

Version available

Latest Releases

What's new in this version?

  • Multiple instance of StoreX with differnet configuration & different storage type support (SharedPref/Cache Storage as File)
  • Added support for custom Coroutine Scopes


// Create multiple identifers
object StoreXIdentifiers {
    val mainConfig : StoreXConfig = StoreXConfig(
        writeOrGetAsFileUsingCacheDirectory= true)

    val anotherConfig : StoreXConfig = StoreXConfig(
        writeOrGetAsFileUsingCacheDirectory= false)
StoreXCore.init(this, mutableListOf(

How To Access

StoreXCore.instance(configs: StoreXConfig)

or else, use the extension function

fun storeXInstance(config: StoreXConfig)

which return an instance of StoreX [Note: You must initalize StoreX properly before accessing or else it will throw NotInitializedException]

Also, you can set encryption key for your data accross the application by calling this method StoreXCore.setEncryptionKey(key:String) which throw InvalidEncryptionKeyException if you passed empty String


How to save an object to StoreX?

Create any data class that extends StoreAbleObject Example:

class MyClass:StoreAbleObject()
//How to save the object (Main Thread) [Deprecated]
StoreX.put(key: String, value: StoreAbleObject)

//How to save the object (Backed by Coroutine)
StoreX.put(scope: CoroutineScope, key: String, value: StoreAbleObject)

or use Async

//How to save the object  with Callback [Deprecated]
StoreX.put<T : StoreAbleObject>(key: String, value: StoreAbleObject, callback: SaveCallback<T>)

//How to save the object with Callback (Backed by Coroutine)
StoreX.put<T : StoreAbleObject>(scope: CoroutineScope, key: String, value: StoreAbleObject, callback: SaveCallback<T>)

How to get an object from StoreX?

Get an saved object (Main Thread) which may throw RuntimeException

StoreX.get<T : StoreAbleObject>(key: String, objectType: Class<T>): T

or use Async

StoreX.<T : StoreAbleObject>get(key: String, objectType: Class<T>, callback: GetCallback<T>)

//Backed by Coroutine
StoreX.<T : StoreAbleObject>get(scope: CoroutineScope,key: String, objectType: Class<T>, callback: GetCallback<T>)

How to get notified on data changes?

Simple, to get notified on any data changes according to a given key you first need to subscribe to StoreX by calling this method StoreX.addSubscriber(subscriber: Subscriber) else if you want to add a list subscriber use StoreX.addSubscriber(subscribers: ArrayList<Subscriber>)

Example: First setup an callback for the data changes

    private val callback1 = object : EventCallback{
        override fun onDataChanges(subscriber: Subscriber, instance: StoreX) {
            // Callback return an instance of StoreX and the specific subscriber

Create a new subscriber.

Create a new subscriber by providing the Key, Observer ID (Must be unique) and the Callback

    private var subscriber1 = Subscriber(key, OBSERVER_ID_1, callback1)

Now register the subscriber to the StoreX by calling this method


Also, you can remove your subscription any time by calling this method StoreX.removeSubscriber(subscriber: Subscriber) or list of subscriber StoreX.removeSubscriber(subscribers: ArrayList<Subscriber>)


How to remove any saved data?

StoreX.remove(key: String)

How to remove all data when you are crazy

Need more information regarding the solid implementation? - Check out the sample application.

How does StoreX work?

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