Introduction: Sample app for Jetpack Compose Developer Preview 2
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Sample app for Jetpack Compose (1.0.0-alpha01). This repository contains the source code of the demo application shown in the following videos:

Materials Shop demo


Android Studio 4.2 Canary or newer.

Features and integrations

This sample application shows how to use the following libraries and features:

  • Jetpack Compose
    • Scrolling list (LayColumnItems)
    • Animations
    • ConstraintLayout
    • Interoperability with android.view
    • IDE previews
  • Room: data persistence
  • LiveData: lifecycle-aware observables
  • Filament: real-time physically based 3D rendering


The background image courtyard_8k is licensed under CC0 by Greg Zaal.

Please see LICENSE for the source code's license.

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