Introduction: IntelliJ IDEA/Android studio plugin: Json to POJO (GSON, Logan Square)
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Intellij Idea, Android Studio plugin for JSON to POJO conversion.

Generate Java and Kotlin POJO files from JSON: GSON, AutoValue, Logan Square, FastJSON, Jackson, Moshi, empty annotations template. Supports: primitive types, multiple inner JSONArrays.


get it and install from plugin repository or simply find it in Preferences -> Plugins -> Marketplace -> RoboPOJOGenerator

How to use

Select target package -> new -> Generate POJO from JSON

put JSON into window and select target POJO type

see log of changes

People, who help

  • wafer-li - Kotlin support (release 1.7)
  • ccqy66 - toString support (release 1.8.1)


Copyright 2016 Vadim Shchenev, and licensed under the MIT license. No attribution is necessary but it's very much appreciated. Star this project if you like it.

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