Introduction: GhidraQuark bridges Quark Engine into Ghidra
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GhidraQuark bridges Quark Engine into Ghidra.

Fire a Quark analysis or inspect program behaviors with Quark report. Work with Quark and Ghidra all at once!

Installing the extension

  • Download the built extension from GitHub
    • Visit the Releases page, normally use the latest release
    • Download the built extension zip file ghidra_9.2.2_PUBLIC_20210204_QuarkEngineHelper
  • If you don't already have Ghdira, download and install Ghidra from
  • Install the extension into Ghidra
    • Start Ghidra
    • Open File->Install Extensions...
    • Press the + icon found in the top right of the Install Extensions window
    • Navigate to the file location where you downloaded the extension zip file above and select it
    • Press OK
    • You may want to restart Ghidra for the changes to take effect
    • Enjoy it!

Building extension from the command line

  • Install Gradle

  • Execute the following commands

    $ gradle -PGHIDRA_INSTALL_DIR=<path_to_ghidra>
  • Zip file will be created in the dist folder



Don't forget to take a glance at our Quark-Engine GitHub page :)

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