Introduction: To illustrate the clean architecture and modularisation with other components.
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Football Fixtures is a football app that provides match Data of all major leagues.


  1. Clone from the develop branch to get the refactored code.

  2. Add your API KEY in the file


    App's Features

    There are over 100 football competitions available with live scores, fixtures, tables, squads, lineups/subs, goalscorers, etc. but the app is built on a free plan. Therefore, it is limited to some data contents.

Code Pattern

This code was refactored from a single to multi module using clean architecture, kotlin coroutines, architectural pattern (MVVM) and Jetpack components (Data Binding, Livedata, Lifecycles, Navigation, Room, ViewModel).

This illustrates the use of multi-module with clean architecture to separate the different layers involved. Also, to make testing easier.

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