Project Url: ppeccin/javatari
Introduction: A multiplayer Atari 2600 emulator written in pure Java using no libs
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  • New concept: Savestate Cartridges!
  • Store emulator state as Savestate Cartridge files to disk any time (press F8)
  • Savestate Cartridges can be distributed and loaded as normal ROMs
  • Savestate Cartridges can also be embedded as auto-load ROMs
  • Support for Starpath/Supercharger Tape ROM format
  • Bugfixes and improvements

Previous Versions:

Version 4.0

  • Full support for the upcoming Java security requirements
  • Both all-permissions and sandboxed deployment options

Version 3.40

  • Support for Harmony/Melody Cart flash memory and .cu images
  • Star Castle Arcade highscores now working
  • General performance tuning

Version 3.30

  • Applets can now be detached from the browser window
  • Once detached, all features are available including Full Screen
  • Full Screen is now multi-monitor aware
  • Updated, cleaner looks

Version 3.20

  • Console Panel now shows the inserted Cartridge
  • Customizable, dynamically rendered Cartridge Labels
  • Built-in ROM information, based on Rom Hunter's collection
  • Better auto-detection of Paddles and CRT modes per ROM

Version 3.12

  • Preliminary support for built-in ROMs
  • Auto-load of built-in ROMs
  • Auto-detection of Paddles Mode per ROM
  • Option to start with Paddles Mode ON

Version 3.10

  • Added Joystick support (Windows and Linux)
    • Fully selectable axes with deadzone adjustment
    • Paddles analog emulation with adjustable sensitivity and centering
    • Other console controls can be mapped to Joystick buttons
  • Better compatibility in Linux and Mac OSX

Version 3.00

  • Added support for all major ROM formats/bankswitching schemes
    • Format selectable in the Settings Dialog
    • Cycle through compatible options in realtime with ALT + B
    • DPC support, with enhanced audio option
    • Adjustable DPC audio clock (ALT + HOME, ALT + END)
    • Several homebrew ROMs now work correctly
  • Many accuracy improvements
  • Better performance

Version 2.03

  • Support for additional ROM formats
  • Better support for ROMs from the Demo Scene

Version 2.02

  • Support for Applets to auto-start in multiplayer modes

Version 2.01

  • Multiplayer mode controls in UI
  • Start Client/Server sessions directly in Settings window
  • Applet multiplayer mode support

Version 1.11

  • New Settings Window
  • Configurable Controls
  • Help and About pages

Version 1.10

  • Applet deployment support
  • Drag and drop of ROM links directly to Applet

Version 1.09

  • Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste of ROM files or URLs It is now very easy to try ROMs from websites, no need to download and save to disk to open. Just drag the URL
  • Fullscreen UI button

Version 1.08

  • Another change in Cartridge loading functions
    • F5 loads from a FILE
    • F6 loads from any URL
    • F7 removes the Cartridge
    • ALT + F5/F6: loads the Cartridge with no auto power on/off
  • ZIP file support for ROMs
  • JNLP deploy for easy online launch
  • Any parameter from the properties file can now be overriden via command line arguments (-param=value)

Version 1.07

  • New Cartridge load options
    • F5 now loads with automatic power on/off
    • F6 loads with no automatic power on/off
    • F7 removes the Cartridge
  • Fry Console (quickly power off/on): Alt-F1
  • Multiplayer Paddles mode bugfix

Version 1.06

  • Better homebrew ROMs support
  • Data BUS retention for zero-page load error

Version 1.05

  • Non page-flipping bug introduced in 1.04 fixed
  • Emulator now remembers the last folder used to load ROMs

Version 1.04

  • New CRT Emulation Modes. Alt + R to toggle
  • StarCastle (AtariAge) working ok

Version 1.03

  • FA / FA2 ROM format support
  • StarCastle (AtariAge) started working

Version 1.02

  • VideoStandard (NTSC/PAL) auto detection
  • Improved Save/Load State function
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.01

  • Added support for illegal opcodes.
  • Added SuperChip support.
  • Improved ROM format detection.
  • Better compatibility for batari Basic ROMs.
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