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Introduction: Free and Open Source Launcher.
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Libre software launcher.
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APKs are available on GitHub and in the Telegram channel. Some nightly builds are only available in the Telegram channel.
Get it on GitHub Get it on IzzyOnDroid

Nightly builds are now available at Github actions [artifacts] CAUTION: Nightly builds might be unstable.

F-Droid Repo:
Download the current debug version by adding the following repo to the F-Droid App


You can join the Telegram channel to get nightly builds. There is also a Telegram group to discuss the development, issues and new features.
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Working Features

  • [X] Five modes of sorting apps in the drawer.
  • [X] Google feed integration.
  • [X] Theme support.
  • [X] Customize search engine.
  • [X] Gesture support
    - Partially supported.
  • [X] Notification configuration.
  • [X] Categorize apps in the drawer.
  • [X] Icon Shape support.
  • [X] Quick action shortcuts (dash).
  • [X] Hide apps.
  • [X] Dock search.
  • [X] Drawer grid preference.
  • [X] Customize app icons.
  • [X] All apps icon scaling.
  • [X] Dock icon scaling.
  • [X] Workspace icon scaling.
  • [X] Desktop grid preference.
  • [X] App predictions (experimental).
  • [X] Icon pack support.
  • [X] Back up and restore preferences.

New Features and TODOs

  • [ ] Turn off "auto remove empty screen".
  • [ ] Add desktop screen manually.
  • [ ] Reorder empty screens.
  • [ ] Horizontal drawer.
  • [ ] Add auto tab mode for drawer.
  • [ ] Support for more news feeds (like Microsoft Bing).
  • [ ] Animations.



Buy Me A Coffee


If you know Java or Kotlin you can work on additional features! I will happily work on features you would like to have, just open an issue.


The LawnchairLauncher team for the great work on Lawnchair.
Antonios Hazim for creating the logo and his great contributions in the project.
Rafael Venancio for creating the F-droid repo.


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