Introduction: Gradle plugin that creates projects from your own cookiecutter
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Maven archetype like plugin for Gradle. Generating projects from local template.



  • cleanArchetype: cleans the generated folders and files.
  • generate: generates projects from the template.

Interactive Mode:

gradle cleanArch generate -i

Batch Mode:

gradle cleanArch generate -i -Dtarget=generated -Dname=dummy-service -Dversion=1.0-SNAPSHOT



Following parameters will be asked, if not available in system properties

Param Description Default
group group name in Gradle or Maven, Mandatory
name name in Gradle, of artifactId in Maven, Mandatory
version version in Gradle or Maven, Mandatory 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Won't Be Prompted

Following parameters will NOT be prompted, if not available in system properties.

Param Description Default
templates The folder path where template locates, Mandatory src/main/resources/templates
failIfFileExist Fail if there are files with the same name exist in the generated folder; otherwise overwrite true

System Properties

Parameters will firstly been searched in System Properties, which includes:

  • systemProp.param1=value1
  • systemProp.param1=value1
  • ~/.gradle/ (not suggested for this plugin)
  • Command line: -Dparam1=value1 -Dparam2=value2 -Dparam3=value3


Variables that can be used in template files.

name description sample
name dummy-app
version project.version 1.0-SNAPSHOT
projectName dummy-app
namePackage replaced non-characters with '.' in name
namePath replaced non-characters with '/' in name dummy/app
groupPath replaced '.' with '/' in group com/xxx/yyy
packageName (group + name) replaced non-characters with '.'
packagePath replaced '.' with '/' in packageName com/xxx/yyy/dummy/app

Adding Custom variables

Extra variables can be added via command line or programmatically with the com.orctom.gradle.archetype.binding prefix.

Command line :

-Dparam1=value1 -Dparam2=value2 -Dparam3=value3 ...

Property prefix :

System.setProperty('com.orctom.gradle.archetype.binding.param1', value1)

Prompt for custom variables

Extra variables (bindings) can be prompted if missing, just like group or name.

Provide bindingsToPrompt map where key is binding name and value is default value for variable. If none default should be available, just put empty String


generate {
   bindingsToPrompt = ["apiVersion" : "1", "createdBy" : ""]

Programmatic Customization of Bindings

Often, additional variables (bindings) need to be created based on the values of existing variables after they have been resolved (e.g., when they are entered in interactive mode), but prior to the start of the actual generation process.

The generate task can be configured with a processor that is called just prior to the actual file generation, but after all other variables have been resolved. The processor is just a closure that accepts a single argument, the current binding configuration as a Map. The processor is specified by setting the bindingProcessor property of the generate task.

For example:

generate {
    bindingProcessor = { bindings ->
        bindings.capitalizedName =

Token Format

  • In code: @variable@
  • In file name: __variable__

Additional GString expressions can be defined between the @ and __ tokens :

  • @variable.capitalize()@
  • __new Date()__

See GStringTemplateEngine

Generated Project(s) Folder

Fixed to: generated.


Files that will not be resoled by variables, as they would fail if tried to resolve. Put the non-template lists to .nontemplates file, and put the file to template folder (such as src/main/resources/templates) or src/main/resources/.


# comments


It follows ant style. The tailing slash for directory is mandatory.


Known Issues

  • Doesn't work with property files that have such escapes: key=https\://aaa.bbb.ccc/xxx, remove the \ escape to have it work.
  • In interactive mode, the prompt text got truncated sometimes.

Change Logs


  • #29 Add custom variable prompting functionality

  • Fixed issue #19 blank lines and comments support in .nontemplate


  • Fixed issue #17


  • Fixed issue #16 (introduced in 1.4.3)


  • Fixed issue for windows.#15


  • Added escape for @.#14


  • Adding ability to programmatically add bindings. #12
  • Do not override properties if already defined. #13


  • Renamed clean task to cleanArchetype, as "Declaring custom check, clean, build or assemble tasks is not allowed anymore when using the lifecycle plugin." (
  • Allowing full GString expressions to be passed on to parser

  • Fixed issue in 1.3.1, packagePath and namePath not working as expected.


  • Added variables: namePackage and namePath (NOTICE: do NOT use this buggy version).


  • The target folder where the generated project(s) locates is not changeable, fixed to generated.
  • The generation will fail by default, if there are files with the same name exist in the generated folder.
  • Added clean task that will have generated folder recreated.
  • Changed print and println to logger, so please append -i args to have the log printed out.
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