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Introduction: The OPENRNDR library
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A Kotlin/JVM library for creative coding, real-time and interactive graphics. Can currently be used on Windows, macOS and Linux/x64 to create stand alone graphical applications.


A very basic OPENRNDR application looks like this:

import org.openrndr.Application
import org.openrndr.Configuration
import org.openrndr.Program
import org.openrndr.draw.loadImage

 * This is a basic example that shows how to load and draw images
class Image001 : Program() {
    override fun setup() {
        val image = loadImage("file:data/images/test_pattern.png")
        extend {

fun main() =, Configuration())

Please have a look at our application template and our tutorial repository for more usage examples.

Basics and use are further explained in the OPENRNDR guide and more project information can be found on our website

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