Introduction: 代理 MidJourney 的 discord 频道,实现 api 形式调用 AI 绘图
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English | 中文 Proxy the Discord channel for MidJourney to enable API-based calls for AI drawing GitHub release License
  • [x] Supports Imagine instructions and related actions
  • [x] Supports adding image base64 as a placeholder when using the Imagine command
  • [x] Supports Blend (image blending) and Describe (image to text) commands
  • [x] Supports real-time progress tracking of tasks
  • [x] Supports translation of Chinese prompts, requires configuration of Baidu Translate or GPT
  • [x] Prompt sensitive word pre-detection, supports override adjustment
  • [x] User-token connects to WSS (WebSocket Secure), allowing access to error messages and full functionality
  • [x] Supports multi-account configuration, with each account able to set up corresponding task queues

🚀 For more features, please refer to midjourney-proxy-plus

  • [x] Supports all the features of the open-source version
  • [x] Supports Shorten (prompt analysis) command
  • [x] Supports focus shifting: Pan ⬅️ ➡️ ⬆️ ⬇️
  • [x] Supports image zooming: Zoom 🔍
  • [x] Supports local redrawing: Vary (Region) 🖌
  • [x] Supports nearly all associated button actions and the 🎛️ Remix mode
  • [x] Supports retrieving the seed value of images
  • [x] Account pool persistence, dynamic maintenance
  • [x] Supports retrieving account /info and /settings information
  • [x] Account settings configuration
  • [x] Supports Niji bot robot
  • [x] Supports InsightFace face replacement robot
  • [x] Embedded management dashboard page

Prerequisites for use

  1. Register and subscribe to MidJourney, create your own server and channel, refer to https://docs.midjourney.com/docs/quick-start
  2. Obtain user Token, server ID, channel ID: Method of acquisition

Quick Start

  1. Railway: Based on the Railway platform, no need for your own server: Deployment method ; If Railway is not available, you can start using Zeabur instead.
  2. Zeabur: Based on the Zeabur platform, no need for your own server: Deployment method
  3. Docker: Start using Docker on a server or locally: Deployment method

Local development

  • Depends on Java 17 and Maven
  • Change configuration items: Edit src/main/resources/application.yml
  • Project execution: Start the main function of ProxyApplication
  • After changing the code, build the image: Uncomment VOLUME in the Dockerfile, then execute docker build . -t midjourney-proxy

Configuration items

  • mj.accounts: Refer to Account pool configuration
  • mj.task-store.type: Task storage method, default is in_memory (in memory, lost after restart), Redis is an alternative option.
  • mj.task-store.timeout: Task storage expiration time, tasks are deleted after expiration, default is 30 days.
  • mj.api-secret: API key, if left empty, authentication is not enabled; when calling the API, you need to add the request header 'mj-api-secret'.
  • mj.translate-way: The method for translating Chinese prompts into English, options include null (default), Baidu, or GPT.
  • For more configuration options, see Configuration items
  1. API Interface Description
  2. Version Update Log


  1. Frequent image generation and similar behaviors may trigger warnings on your Midjourney account. Please use with caution.
  2. For common issues and solutions, see Wiki / FAQ
  3. Interested friends are also welcome to join the discussion group. If the group is full from scanning the code, you can add the administrator’s WeChat to be invited into the group. Please remark: mj join group.


Application Project

If you have a project that depends on this one and is open source, feel free to contact the author to be added here for display.

  • wechat-midjourney : A proxy WeChat client that connects to MidJourney, intended only as an example application scenario, will no longer be updated.
  • chatgpt-web-midjourney-proxy : chatgpt web, midjourney, gpts,tts, whisper A complete UI solution
  • chatnio : The next-generation AI one-stop solution for B/C end, an aggregated model platform with exquisite UI and powerful functions
  • new-api : An API interface management and distribution system compatible with the Midjourney Proxy
  • stable-diffusion-mobileui : SDUI, based on this interface and SD (System Design), can be packaged with one click to generate H5 and mini-programs.
  • MidJourney-Web : 🍎 Supercharged Experience For MidJourney On Web UI

Open API

Provides unofficial MJ/SD open API, add administrator WeChat for inquiries, please remark: api


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