Introduction: A tool to instrument Android APKs based on Soot
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Android Instrumentor is an open-source tool for instrumenting Android APKs using Soot.


  • Requires Java version below 9, e.g., 8.
  • You can set ANDROID_HOME environmental variable, e.g., export ANDROID_HOME=~/Library/Android/sdk/platforms for osx) or provide it to the instrumentor in run time.
  • Build the jar file: ./gradlew clean jar (the jar is located in build/libs/android-instrumentor-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar)


The command java -jar build/libs/android-instrumentor-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -a <APK_PATH> -o <OUT_DIR> -b instruments the app located in <APK_PATH> to log the execution of each method and put it in directory <OUT_DIR>. In order to install the instrumented app, sign it by running ./ <INSTRUMENTED_APK> <KEYSTORE> <PASS>.


java -jar build/libs/android-instrumentor-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -apk example/calc.apk -output instrumented -tag "MY_INSTRUMENT_TAG" -b -e -l "onCreate;boolean verify(android.content.Context,com.numix.calculator.MutableString);<com.numix.calculator.view.MatrixView: java.lang.String getSeparator(android.content.Context)>"
./ instrumented/calc.apk example/key android
adb install -r -t instrumented/calc.apk


  • The option -e logs the end of methods (when their execution is finished).
  • The option -l determines the methods to be instrumented. In the example above, only methods are instrumented where their name is onCreate, or their subsignature is boolean verify(android.content.Context,com.numix.calculator.MutableString), or their signature is <com.numix.calculator.view.MatrixView: java.lang.String getSeparator(android.content.Context)>.
  • The option `-tag' distinguishes the instrumented logs (those lines start with "MY_INSTRUMENT_TAG"). The default value is "ANDROID_SOOT_INSTRUMENT".
  • To see the instrumented logs, run adb logcat | grep -e "MY_INSTRUMENT_TAG".
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