Introduction: 全功能终端模拟器,可切换悬浮窗
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This fork added a feature enabling floating window running the terminal

Terminal Emulator for Android is a terminal emulator for communicating with the built-in Android shell. It emulates a reasonably large subset of Digital Equipment Corporation VT-100 terminal codes, so that programs like "vi", "Emacs" and "NetHack" will display properly.

This application was previously named "Android Terminal Emulator". Same great application, just with a new name. (The change was made at the request of the Android trademark owner.)

This code is based on the "Term" application which is included in the Android Open Source Project. (Which I also wrote. :-) )

Download the Terminal Emulator for Android from Google Play

If you are unable to use the Play Store, you can also download from GitHub

See Building for build instructions.

Got questions? Please check out the FAQ and/or the Google+ Android Terminal Emulator Community before emailing or adding an issue. Thanks!

Please see the Recent Updates page for recent updates.

Note: Terminal Emulator for Android development is complete. I am still accepting new language translations and bug fixes, but I am not accepting new features. See [Wrapping up Development on Terminal Emulator for Android] (https://github.com/jackpal/Android-Terminal-Emulator/wiki/Wrapping-up-Development-on-Android-Terminal-Emulator) for details of the wrapping-up process.

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