Introduction: A library which will save you a lot of time from writing the same intent creation code. it consist of many intent creation codes like Share, Contacts, Email and etc, which you can easily use.
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A library which will save you a lot of time from writing the same intent creation code. it consist of many intent creation codes like Share, Contacts, Email and etc, which you can easily use.

## Contents How to include Usage List of Intents FAQ Hall of Fame Changelog Contribution License ## 💻How to include Add the repository to your project build.gradle: Gradle allprojects { repositories { maven { url "" } } } And add the library to your module build.gradle: Gradle dependencies { implementation 'com.github.mohammadima3oud:Android-Intent-Library:1.0.0' } ## 📄Usage ### Showing the intent immediately Java SettingIntents.from(this).setting().show(); SettingIntents.from(this).applicationSetting().show(); ### Build the intent and show it your self Java startActivity(SettingIntents.from(this).setting().build()); startActivity(SettingIntents.from(this).applicationSetting().build()); ## 📄List of Intents ### AlarmIntents Java openAlarms() createAlarm(String message, int hour, int minutes, boolean skipUi) createAlarm(String message, int hour, int minutes, boolean skipUi, boolean vibrate) createAlarm(String message, int hour, int minutes, boolean skipUi, boolean vibrate, boolean isPm) Example Java AlarmIntents.from(this).openAlarms().show(); ### BrowserIntents Java openBrowser() openLink(String url) openLink(Uri uri) openGoogle() Example Java BrowserIntents.from(this).openBrowser().show(); ### CalculatorIntents Java openCalculator() Example Java CalculatorIntents.from(this).openCalculator().show(); ### CalendarIntents Java openCalendar() Example Java CalendarIntents.from(this).openCalendar().show(); ### CameraIntents Java openPhotoCamera() openVideoCamera() capturePhoto(Uri location, String fileName) captureVideo(Uri location, String fileName) Example Java startActivityForResult(CameraIntents.from(this).openPhotoCamera().build(), RequestTag.IMAGE_CAMERA); ### ContactIntents Java openContacts() viewContact(String name) editContact(String name) editContact(String name, String newEmail) insertContact(String name, String phone, String email, String company, String job, String notes) pickContact() pickSpecificContactData() Example Java ContactIntents.from(this).openContacts().show(); ### EmailIntents Java openEmail() sendEmail(String to, String subject, String message) sendEmail(String[] to, String subject, String message) sendEmail(String[] addresses, String[] cc, String[] bcc, String subject, String message) Example Java EmailIntents.from(this).openEmail().show(); ### EventIntents Java createEvent(String title, String description) createEvent(String title, String description, String location, long begin, long end, int color, boolean allDay) Example Java EventIntents.from(this).createEvent("Birthday", "Make a birthday cake").show(); ### FileIntents Java fileChooser() pickFile() pickImageFile() pickImageFile(Boolean allowMultiple, Boolean localOnly) Example Java startActivityForResult(FileIntents.from(this).fileChooser().build(), RequestTag.FILE_CHOOSE); ### GalleryIntents Java openGallery() pickImage() Example Java startActivityForResult(GalleryIntents.from(this).pickImage().build(), RequestTag.PICK_IMAGE); ### MapIntents Java locationOf(String address, String placeTitle) locationOf(float latitude, float longitude) locationOf(float latitude, float longitude, String placeName) navigateTo(String address) navigateTo(float latitude, float longitude) streetViewOf(float latitude, float longitude) streetViewOf(float latitude, float longitude, float zoom) streetViewOf(float latitude, float longitude, float zoom, int mapZoom) showLocationServices() Example Java MapIntents.from(this).locationOf("Champ de Mars, Avenue Anatole France, Paris, France", "Eiffel Tower").show(); ### MarketIntents Java showThisAppInMarket() showThisAppInGooglePlay() showThisAppInAmazon() showInMarket(String packageName) showInGooglePlay(String packageName) showInAmazon(String packageName) showGooglePlay() searchAppInGooglePlay(String appName) Example Java MarketIntents.from(this).showInMarket("").show(); ### MediaIntents Java playAudio(String url) showImage(String url) playVideo(String url) playYouTubeVideo(String videoId) Example Java MediaIntents.from(this).playYouTubeVideo("gOzdLhJG2EQ").show(); ### MessagingIntents Java openMessages() createEmptySms() createEmptySms(String phoneNumber) createEmptySms(String[] phoneNumbers) createSms(String body) createSms(String body, String phoneNumber) createSms(String body, String[] phoneNumbers) Example Java MessagingIntents.from(this).createEmptySms().show(); ### MusicIntents Java openPlayMusic() Example Java MusicIntents.from(this).openPlayMusic().show(); ### PhoneIntents Java showDialNumber() showDialNumber(String phoneNumber) callNumber(String phoneNumber) Example Java PhoneIntents.from(this).showDialNumber().show(); ### SearchIntents Java searchInGooglePlay(String query) searchWeb(String query) Example Java SearchIntents.from(this).searchInGooglePlay("Instagram").show(); ### SettingIntents Java setting() apnSetting() bluetoothSetting() dateSetting() displaySetting() localeSetting() securitySetting() wifiSetting() wirelessSetting() accessibilitySetting() applicationSetting() captioningSetting() castSetting() dreamSetting() airplaneModeSetting() inputMethodSetting() locationSourceSetting() internalStorageSetting() memoryCardSetting() homeSetting() nfcSetting() nfcSharingSetting() nfcPaymentSetting() printSetting() privacySetting() searchSetting() soundSetting() syncSetting() webViewSetting() vpnSetting() applicationDetailSetting(String packageName) applicationDevelopmentSetting() batterySaverSetting() dataRoamingSetting() deviceInfoSetting() hardKeyboardSetting() manageApplicationSetting() manageWriteSetting() networkOperatorSetting() notificationListenerSetting() usageAccessSetting() userDictionarySetting() voiceInputSetting() vrListenerSetting() wifiIpSetting() ignoreBatteryOptimizationSetting() manageAllApplicationSetting() manageDefaultAppsSetting() inputMethodSubtypeSetting() notificationPolicyAccessSetting() ignoreBackgroundDataRestrictionsSetting(String packageName) Example Java SettingIntents.from(this).setting().show(); ### ShareIntents Java shareText(String subject, String message) shareText(String subject, String message, String chooserDialogTitle) Example Java ShareIntents.from(this).shareText("Subject example","message example").show(); ### TimerIntents Java createTimer(String subject, int seconds, boolean skipUi) Example Java TimerIntents.from(this).createTimer("Run", 180, false).show(); ### VoiceRecorderIntents Java openVoiceRecorder() Example Java startActivityForResult(VoiceRecorderIntents.from(this).openVoiceRecorder().build(), RequestTag.RECORD_VOICE); ## ❓FAQ some intents will return data, which should be handeled in onActivityResult, use .build and startActivityForResult for them. Example Java startActivityForResult(VoiceRecorderIntents.from(this).openVoiceRecorder().build(), RequestTag.RECORD_VOICE); Android-Intent-Library doesn't handle the returned data, you need to handle them your self in onActivityResult. ## Checkout My Libraries Android-Intent-Library: A library which will save you a lot of time from writing the same intent creation code. it consist of many intent creation codes like Share, Contacts, Email and etc, which you can easily use. Material-Resources-Library: A list of most useful resources for designing android apps such as all material colors and dimens, 180 Gradient background + html, social, flat, fluent, metro colors. Complete-Google-Map-API-Tutorial: Learn How to use Google Map API for Android from Basic to Advance with complete examples. DropSignIn: Sign In UI Design BlueSignIn: Sign In and Sign Up Ui Design ## 💰 Donations This project needs you! If you would like to support this project's further development, the creator of this project or the continuous maintenance of this project, feel free to donate. Your donation is highly appreciated (and I love food, coffee and beer). Thank you! PayPal Donate $5: Thank's for creating this project, here's a tea (or some juice) for you! Donate $10: Wow, I am stunned. Let me take you to the movies! Donate $15: I really appreciate your work, let's grab some lunch! Donate $25: That's some awesome stuff you did right there, dinner is on me! Donate $50: I really really want to support this project, great job! Donate $100: You are the man! This project saved me hours (if not days) of struggle and hard work, simply awesome! *Donate $2799: Go buddy, buy Macbook Pro for yourself! Of course, you can also choose what you want to donate, all donations are awesome! ## 📄Hall of Fame > Using Android-Intent-Library in your app and want it to get listed here? Email me at: ## 📄Changelog See the file. ## 👍Contribution See the file.


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