Introduction: Showly 2.0 is modern, slick, open-sourced Android TV Shows Tracker.
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Showly 2.0 is modern, slick, open source Android TV Shows Tracker.

Available on the Google Play Store and soon also on F-Droid.

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Project Setup

  1. Clone repository and open project in the latest version of Android Studio.
  2. Create file and put it in the /app folder.
  3. Add following properties into file (values are not important at this moment):
  4. Add your, TMDB, OMDB and Reddit API keys as following properties into your file located in the root directory of the project:
    traktClientId="your trakt client id"
    traktClientSecret="your trakt client secret"
    tmdbApiKey="your tmdb api key (v4)"
    omdbApiKey="your omdb api key"
    redditClientId="your reddit client id"
  5. Generate your own Firebase google-services.json file and put it in the /app directory.
  6. Rebuild and start the app.

Issues & Contributions

Feel free to post problems with the app as Github Issues.

Features ideas should be posted as new GIthub Discussion.

Pull requests are welcome. Remember about leaving a comment in the relevant issue if you are working on something.

Language Translations

We're always looking for help with translating app into more languages.
If you are interested in helping now or in the future, please visit our CrowdIn project and join:


1. Can I watch/stream/download shows and movies with Showly app?

No, that is not possible. Showly is a progress tracking type of app - not a streaming service.

2. Show/Episode/Movie I'm looking for seems to be missing. What can I do?

Showly uses as its main data source. If something is missing please use "Import Show" / "Import Movie" option located at the bottom of website. It's also possible to contact support about any related issue.



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