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Introduction: Annotation-triggered method call logger
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Lympha is a library for logging by annotation-triggered method call.

How to use

For example:

infix fun <T> Collection<T>.areSameContentWith(collection: Collection<T>?)
            = collection?.let { this.size == it.size && this.containsAll(it) }

Output will be:

[Thread(main)] Obtained event message: '⇢ areSameContentWith(interface java.util.Collection $this$areSameContentWith = "[100]", interface java.util.Collection collection = "[200]")' and took '0 ms'
[Thread(main)] Obtained event message: '⇠ areSameContentWith = Boolean "false"' and took '0 ms'

Example application can be found here.

Getting started

The first step is to include Lympha Profiler into your project and apply aspectj plugin:


apply plugin: 'com.archinamon.aspectj'

aspectj {
    includeAspectsFromJar 'lympha-profiler'


dependencies {
    debugImplementation 'pro.mezentsev.lympha:lympha-profiler:0.1.0'
    releaseImplementation 'pro.mezentsev.lympha:lympha-profiler-noop:0.1.0'

lympha-profiler-noop doesn't contain any aspectj, hence it can be used in release implementations.

Also you must add aspecj to classpath:

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath "com.archinamon:android-gradle-aspectj:3.4.0"

Initialize Lympha in Application:

class LymphaApplication : Application() {
    override fun onCreate() {

You can customize it with custom Logger using Lympha.Builder

Add @LymphaProfiler to your methods:

private fun obtainNumber(number: Int): Int {
    return number * number

and you will see on every call:

[Thread(main)] Obtained event message: '⇢ obtainNumber(int number = "5")' and took '0 ms'
[Thread(main)] Obtained event message: '⇠ obtainNumber = Integer "25"' and took '52 ms'

Subscribing to events

You can subscribe to every event caught by Lympha. It could be reached by adding listener:

Lympha.addEventListener(object : EventListener {
    override fun eventObtained(event: Event) {
       // operate with event

Event has simple structure:

  • message: String
  • timeTaken: Long
  • timestamp: Long
  • threadName: String


  • Minimum Android SDK: requires a minimum API level of 16.
  • Compile Android SDK: requires you to compile against API 29.

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