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The project consists of a single lib library, but we imagine that we want to share some dependencies between the main library and build logic. In this case, the "common" dependencies are actually test dependencies.

The project consists of:

  • the root project, declaring settings.gradle.kts
  • the build-logic included build (similar to buildSrc, really)
  • the lib project for the actual library code

What to do

We basically want to share a catalog between build logic and the main build. This is a simplified version of what you would have to do to share a catalog between different components in an organization.

In this repository, you will need to take a look at 4 different branches to explore the options we have:

  • the with-settings version is the reference for the settings DSL: it doesn't try to share anything but rather duplicates everything in settings
  • the with-settings-plugin demonstrates sharing versions via a Settings plugin
  • the with-precompiled-settings-plugin does the same using a precompiled settings plugin
  • the with-toml version shows how to do the same using the conventional TOML file
  • the with-published-catalog demonstrates a similar thing but this time with a "published TOML" file
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