Introduction: 一个可以配置阴影方向和颜色的类 CardView 控件 SCardView
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Display :

Control the direction and color of shadow


Control the corner of shadow


How to use ?

Gradle Groovy DSL

implementation 'io.github.meetsl:SCardView:1.2'


<attr name="cardLightDirection">
    <enum name="left" value="1" /> <!-- 设置光源位置为左侧,阴影在右侧 -->
    <enum name="right" value="2" /> <!-- 阴影在左侧-->
    <enum name="top" value="3" /> <!-- 阴影在下部-->
    <enum name="bottom" value="4" /> <!-- 阴影在上部 -->
    <enum name="LT" value="5" /> <!-- 阴影在右下角-->
    <enum name="RT" value="6" /> <!-- 阴影在左下角-->
    <enum name="LB" value="7" /> <!-- 阴影在右上角 -->
    <enum name="RB" value="8" /> <!-- 阴影在左上角 -->
    <enum name="none" value="9" /> <!-- 光源位置在正上方 -->

<attr name="cardCornerVisibility">
     <enum name="noLeftCorner" value="1" />
     <enum name="noRightCorner" value="2" />
     <enum name="noTopCorner" value="3" />
     <enum name="noBottomCorner" value="4" />
     <enum name="noLT_RBCorner" value="5" />
     <enum name="noRT_LBCorner" value="6" />
     <enum name="none" value="7" />

Update Log


issue#11 Update the color of card's shadow dynamically ``` /**

 * Updates the shadow color of the CardView
 * @param startColor The new startColor to set for the card shadow
 * @param endColor The new endColor to set for the card shadow
fun setCardShadowColor(@ColorInt startColor: Int, @ColorInt endColor: Int)
 * update the both of background color and shadow color of the card view
fun setColors(@ColorInt backgroundColor: Int, @ColorInt shadowStartColor: Int, @ColorInt shadowEndColor: Int)


issue#7 The attribute of 'layout_gravity = end|right' at the children of SCardView has no effect. This problem has been resolved.

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