Introduction: Android native client for Keycloak
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native Android client for Keycloak


  • gets the OAuth2.0 access token via the Authorization Code flow (access type: public client)
  • uses Browser authentication
  • stores the access token in the SharedPreferences
  • checks if the stored access token is expired and periodically refreshes it (via WorkManager)
  • uses Koin as the dependency injection framework
  • Proguard configuration for the latest versions of RxJava2, retrofit2, okHttp3


Edit the file Config.kt according to your setup:

object Config {
    const val clientId = "myClientID"
    const val baseUrl = "https:/[KEYCLOAK-URL]/auth/realms/[REALM]/protocol/openid-connect"
    const val authenticationCodeUrl = "$baseUrl/auth"
    const val redirectUri = "maslick://oauthresponse"

Edit AndroidManifest.xml and add your redirectUri to the LoginActivity intent-filter:

<data android:scheme="maslick" android:host="oauthresponse"/>
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