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Say goodbye to manually updating drawable assets!

ImGenie is a gradle plugin for Android projects, it automatically converts many kind of images to drawable/mipmap resources.

Add dependencies to your build.gradle:

apply plugin: ''
// Add plugin
apply plugin: 'imgenie'

buildscript {
    repositories {
        // Add jitpack repo
        maven { url '' }

    dependencies {
        // Add plugin classpath
        classpath 'com.github.mariotaku:imgenie-plugin:0.0.5' 

Place images to src/*/images just like how you put normal drawable files:

├── drawable
│   ├── bg_foo.svg
├── drawable-mdpi
│   ├── ic_action_foo.svg
├── mipmap-mdpi
│   ├── ic_launcher.pdf
└── mipmap-xxhdpi
    └── bg_bar.png

...aaaand that's done!


  • Generate drawables from svg/pdf/png/jpg images
  • Override output format by filename: bg_output_to_jpeg.jpg.svg


  • If image placed in folders without density configuration e.g. drawable/, no other densities will be generated.
  • You may need to perform clear task if you deleted image files.
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