Introduction: A lightweight alternative to Android's ViewModels. The easiest way to retain instances in Activities, Fragments or Composables.
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A lightweight library built on top of Android Architecture Component ViewModel to simplify how UI Controllers (e.g., Activity, Fragment & NavBackStackEntry) retain instances on Android.

  • Eliminate ViewModel inheritance.
  • Eliminate ViewModelProvider.Factory need.
  • Easy access to ViewModel scoped properties: CoroutineScope (viewModelScope), SavedStateHandle, and many others.
  • Enable composition: callbacks can be listened with OnClearedListener.

Motivation: Retained was originally created to share a ViewModel in Kotlin Multiplatform projects between Android & iOS with ease.


dependencies {
    // `Activity` support
    implementation 'dev.marcellogalhardo:retained-activity:{Tag}'

    // `Fragment` support, includes `Activity` support
    implementation 'dev.marcellogalhardo:retained-fragment:{Tag}'

    // Navigation support
    implementation 'dev.marcellogalhardo:retained-navigation:{Tag}'

    // Navigation with Fragment support, includes `Navigation` support
    implementation 'dev.marcellogalhardo:retained-navigation-fragment:{Tag}'

(Please replace {Tag} with the latest version numbers)


The following sections demonstrate how to retain instances in activities and fragments. For simplicity, all examples will retain the following class:

class ViewModel(var counter: Int = 0)

Use Retained in Activities and Fragments

// retain an instance in an Activity:
class CounterActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
    private val viewModel: ViewModel by retain { ViewModel() }

// retain an instance in a Fragment:
class CounterFragment : Fragment() {
    private val viewModel: ViewModel by retain { ViewModel() }

// share an instance between Fragments scoped to the Activity
class CounterFragment : Fragment() {
    private val sharedViewModel: ViewModel by retainInActivity { ViewModel() }

// share an instance between Fragments scoped to the NavGraph
class CounterFragment : Fragment() {
    private val viewModel: ViewModel by retainInNavGraph(R.navigation.nav_graph) { ViewModel() }

Use Retained in Compose

fun SampleView() {
    // Using an Activity
    val activity: ComponentActivity // find Activity
    val viewModel by activity.retain { ViewModel() }

    // Using a Fragment
    val fragment: Fragment // find Fragment
    val viewModel by fragment.retain { ViewModel() }

    // Using NavBackStackEntry
    val navBackStackEntry: NavBackStackEntry // find NavBackStackEntry
    val viewModel by navBackStackEntry.retain { ViewModel() }

Advanced usage

Custom parameters from Jetpack's ViewModel

When retaining an instance, you have access to a RetainedEntry which contains all parameters you might need.

fun SampleView() {
    val viewModel = retain { entry: RetainedEntry ->
    // ...

The entry exposes a SavedStateHandle that can be used to work with the saved state, just like in a regular Android ViewModel.

class CounterFragment : Fragment() {
    private val viewModel: ViewModel by retain { entry -> 
        ViewModel(counter = entry.savedStateHandle.get<Int>("count"))
    // ...

It also exposes a CoroutineScope that works just like viewModelScope from the Android ViewModel.

class Presenter(scope: CoroutineScope) { /* ... */ }

fun SampleFragment() {
    private val presenter: Presenter by retain { entry -> 
        Presenter(scope = entry.scope)
    // ...

For more details, see RetainedEntry.

Listening onCleared calls

When retaining an instance, you can use the RetainedEntry to be notified when a retained instance is cleared (ViewModel.onCleared).

fun SampleView() {
    val viewModel by retain { entry ->
        entry.onClearedListeners += {
            println("Invoked when the host 'ViewModel.onCleared' is called")
    // ...

As a convenience, if the retained instance implements the OnClearedListener interface, it will be automatically added to onClearedListeners and notified.

View support (Experimental)

Besides Activities and Fragments, it's also possible to retain instances in a view. There are a couple of extra modules for that:

dependencies {
    implementation 'dev.marcellogalhardo:retained-view:{Tag}'
    implementation 'dev.marcellogalhardo:retained-navigation-view:{Tag}'

The retained-view module exposes retainInActivity and retain, which will scope the instance to the parent being it an activity or a fragment. The retained-view-navigation module exposes retainInNavGraph to retain instances scoped to the NavGraph.


Copyright 2019 Marcello Galhardo

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

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