Introduction: Return To Paradise Is a Vivapinata Fanmade Game made in UE5
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Developed with Unreal Engine 5

Vivapinata © Microsoft Corporation. Return To Paradise also known as Down Under Paradise was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using intellectual assets from Vivapinata, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

The Microsoft Game Content Usage Rules can be found here.

This is the Unreal 5 Project thus you can not run it without UE5.

Setting the project up:

  1. Clone this Repo (With github desktop and git-LFS)

  2. Download UE5 from Epic Games launcher and download Virtual Studio 2019-2022

  3. Setup Virtual Studio For UE5 by following this tutorial:

  4. Make sure you open UE5 with the Epic Games launcher first so the .uproject file gets linked to UE5.

  5. Open the ReturnToParadise folder location this can be done by going into github desktop and Pressing the repository button at the top and then pressing open in explorer.

  6. You sould be able to open the .uproject file and download to associated plugins automatically.

6.5 Right click the .uproject file and press Generate Visual Studio Project Files

  1. If the project needs to be rebuilt open the .sln file we just generated and build the project with development, and development editor.

  2. Now that you got the project open Let the shaders rebuild and boom you are now making mods or working on the game!

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