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Introduction: supper 好用的调试器
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Allows you to emulate an Android native library, and an experimental iOS emulation.

This is an educational project to learn more about the ELF/MachO file format and ARM assembly.

Use it at your own risk !


Simple tests under src/test directory

More tests


  • Emulation of the JNI Invocation API so JNI_OnLoad can be called.
  • Support JavaVM, JNIEnv.
  • Emulation of syscalls instruction.
  • Support ARM32 and ARM64.
  • Inline hook, thanks to Dobby.
  • Android import hook, thanks to xHook.
  • iOS fishhook and substrate and whale hook.
  • unicorn backend support simple console debugger, gdb stub, instruction trace, memory read/write trace.
  • Support iOS objc and swift runtime.
  • Support dynarmic fast backend.
  • Support Apple M1 hypervisor, the fastest ARM64 backend.
  • Support Linux KVM backend with Raspberry Pi B4.


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